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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Wind from the North...

A hot bowl of curry is just
 the thing on a cold night!
Ahhh, Winter is here!

 A stiff wind from the North, 25 miles an hour with gusts to 35 whistles through the tall masts of the sailing vessels that surround my little ship in her snug harbor...

All my lines are tight, my little dinghy is secured to the stern, and I'm enjoying the rocking of the waves and the sound of the wind.

 Inside, I'm snug as a bug, sitting on a Persian rug, with a pot of Thai green curry filled with chicken, onions, mushrooms and garlic simmering away...

Presently I'll toss a handful of thinly-sliced vegetables and noodles in, let them soften just enough, and then enjoy a healthy and delicious feast before bedtime...

Just a very short post tonight, I hope this finds all of you safe and sound and surrounded by loved ones, friends, good books, good wine, or some combination thereof.

À bientôt,

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